Eye Tracking

World’s fastest eye tracking enabling the most immersive VR experience.

Near-zero eye tracking latency. Maximum immersion.

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Only draw what you see

VR is extremely graphics-intensive. A lot of rendering is wasted, as you never even look at it.

But what if your headset only rendered what your eye was actually looking at?

That’s the essence of foveated rendering.

Lightning-fast eye tracking

The Foveator™ follows your eye movements at lightning speed, with high accuracy.

So your headset only needs to render a small part of the scene at the maximum resolution.

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Foveator Benefits

Higher quality graphics

Faster refresh rates

Longer battery life

Use cases

Foveated rendering

Foveated streaming

Foveated graphics transport

Ultra-low-power human interaction

Intelligent Neuromorphic Technology

The Foveator™ uses patented, AI-enabled, neuromorphic Dynamic Vision Sensor technology.

It works like a tiny version of your retina and visual system, powering tracking at up to 1 kHz with latency below 3 ms.

Key features

World-leading features enabling the world’s highest-performance eye tracking

< 3 ms
1 kHz
update rate
150 mW
power (peak)
< 1.0°
2 mm
sensor size
dynamic range
AI processing
for robust output
Standard CMOS
fabrication processes